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News : PhpMySport 1.3 released

Release date : 27-11-2007
Written by : Jérôme Place

Since November 27th 2007, just one year after version 1.1 was released, phpMySport v1.3 is available to download. This new version fixes several bugs and proposes many additional functionalities.

Among all the new features, we described previously the importation of members, team photos, mini standings and the registration form. They are not the only ones! In fact, the version 1.3 includes also a new skin and a simplified template system. Besides, users who want to modify the source code without altering the original script will appreciate the "overload of PHP pages".

A new design: "bluesky"

Skin Bluesky for phpMySport PhpMySport 1.3 includes a new template called "bluesky". With a blue color, it was created for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels and web pages will therefore be wider than the template "defaut". There was also some changes in the layout and the main menu is now floating on the left of the main content. With two templates, you will now have a choice for the design of your website depending on your tastes! The best of course is still to create your own template and we will see that the process of skin creation is much easier now…

Create your design in few seconds!

To create a new design in version 1.2, you were supposed to copy/paste all the template files and modify them one-by-one. In version 1.3, you won’t need to edit all the files anymore. You just need to create a directory (e.g. "my_design") and to copy/paste only the files that you want to modify.
In fact, the template management system works a bit differently. When a page is generated, phpMySport looks in your template directory to check if the required file exists. If it does, the software build the page with your file and the modifications you made. Otherwise, it uses the default file which exists in the template "defaut". Thus, you only have to modify the files you want to and that’s all! The directories organization and filenames need however to be respected.
The template "bluesky" described previously is built using this method: only the files "index.html" and "tpl_image/styles.css" as well as several images have been modified and placed into a new directory "bluesky".

Modify PHP code without altering the original script!

Version 1.3 of phpMySport will allow you to modify any PHP file without altering the original code… How is it possible? Thanks to the overload of PHP pages. In fact, you need to create a directory called "my_code" where you will copy/paste PHP files that you want to modify (e.g. "math/match_list.php").
The technique is the same as the new template system: phpMySport checks if a PHP file exists in the directory "my_code" and will use it first. If it does not exist, the software will use the file of the original script.
Thus, if you place all your modified files in the directory "my_code", you will be able to realize all the modifications you want avoiding the risk that your work is erased during an update!

List of new features and bugs fixed

Here is the list of all the improvements and new functionalities included in phpMySport v1.3:

Module New feature/Improvement
Installation Choice of a prefix for the database’s tablenames
Administration Configuration of the number of items per page
Member Importation of a members list from a .csv file
Member Member registration
Member Place of birth
Club Importation of a clubs list from a .csv file
Match Mini standings
Team Team photos season by season
Team Sorting of player positions
Field Field photos
Field Field dimension
Forum Improvement of forum security against spam
Forum Sorting of forums
Miscellaneous Use of simple quote in language files
Miscellaneous Simplification of template management: change only the files you need
Miscellaneous New template : bluesky
Miscellaneous Overload of PHP code to change PHP files with the directory "my_code"

Here is the list of all the bugs found in version 1.2 and fixed in version 1.3 :

Module Bug
Installation Problem with the function "fopen"
Admin Missing link for referee level management in the administration zone
File Security issue as simple members can access any directories
Member Dates of birth < 1970 are not supported
Member The member age is not displayed
Member Error while creating a member if no club is selected
Member Staff members are missing in the staff list
Member zone Upcoming matches are not displayed
Competition Number of points is not displayed
Competition It is not possible to choose a season in the competition view
Team Issue with pages in the coach list
Team In team composition some players are present twice
Club Club creation dates < 1970 are not supported
Match When a date is entered the web browser becomes very slow
Match While deleting a match, some clubs are also deleted
Match While editing a match, referees are not selected anymore
Match In club mode, it is not possible to enter opponents matches
Match It is not possible to add new players statistics
Divers Problem with characters encoding for several languages


To conclude, this new version should satisfy many users even if some functionalities are still missing such as the Main menu management or Matches importation. That will come with next versions. But for now, let’s go to the download page to discover phpMySport v1.3 and create or update the site of your club!


December 5, 2007, 12:11 am - - Report abuse

To whom it may concern, Could you please describe exactly how to make the upgrage from version 1.2. I had several errors when tried to make the update. Thanks Looking forward to hear from you.

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