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News : Wiki launching!

Release date : 14-04-2008
Written by : Jérôme Place

An Open Source project like phpMySport had to propose a space dedicated to its community and it’s is now done with the opening of the Wiki !

More complete than forums or news, the wiki is a real collaborative tool opened to anyone. It will certainly be useful for a project like phpMySport as it should make easier the software’s life and evolution, considering your ideas!

In the Wiki you will already find the user manual and the developer guide as well as the list of known bugs and frequently encountered problems . A research form will help you finding information you need. Besides, and it’s one of the main advantage of a wiki, you will be able to modify pages’ content by simply clicking on the link [Edit] at the bottom of pages.

So let’s discover the Wiki and participate in phpMySport adventure!


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