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Junior Teams and Players

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Junior Teams and Players
Thu Apr 23, 15 - 21:49


I've just been taking a look at phpMySport and may suggest it to our small club here in NZ, but there are a couple of things I'd like to ask.

Firstly, I'm coach of an under-7's team, so I would need a way to relate junior players to one or more caregivers, and to relate caregivers to one or more players.

I've looked at the demo site and if this can be done it was not obvious. I don't see any user documentation, either, or a way to search the forum :-(

#Update – well, found the user documentation – the description threw me off a bit. Maybe an Administrators manual and a User Manual?

Also, I'm wondering if commercial support is available? I feel confident I could support it, but if we are going to adopt it, I'd want to know there are options available if I get hit by a bus or something.

I used to do a bit of PHP coding, but have not done so for a while, so it would probably take me a while to get anything done. If we did use it, I would be interested in helping with the user documentation. As a former coder, I know how much fun user documentation is for coders :-)

Anyway – I look forward to hearing from you

Don Robertson