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I can not add players, members only - SOLVED

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I can not add players, members only
Wed Sep 04, 13 - 12:07

I can not add players, members only
Please help
I can not add players, members only - SOLVED
Thu Aug 28, 14 - 21:50

Its actually pretty easy after you realize how its done. I'm not sure why it isnt in the user manual but here's exactly how to add players.

1. First log in to your phpmysport installation.

2. Then add a season. (Refer to the user manual on how if you dont know how.)

3. Then add a competition. (I used "Regular Season Game" and "Play-Offs Round 1 and Round 2".)

4. Next add the list of stadiums. 

5. No go to "Admin Zone" and edit/add the player positions. (I just added "Player" since our little kids play many different positions. You can add the actual position names for the sport you're configuring.) 

6. Then add the player as a regular member. Be sure to pick a sex for them (Boy, Girl, etc...) This matters later on in the steps.

7. Create a club (ex. Hickory Little Hornets)

8. Then create a team. In our football organization we have 3 different groups of kids. We call them the Squigglets, Peewees, and Midgets. So I used these as the team names instead of the default ones that were created.

9.  Now after the team is created go back to the list of teams and click on the edit icon for the team you just created. For me it shows "Club=Hickory Little Hornets" and "Team=Squigglets". 

10. Make sure the proper "Sex" is selected for the player you're trying to add and down below under "Team Composition" you'll see players and if the previous steps were done correctly you'll see "Player" and the member in a list that you just added.

11. Click on the members name.

12. Enter the players number.

13. Choose the players position and check wether they are a captain or not.

14. Now click "Add a Player".

15. You'll see the player now show up under "Player(s)" on the right hand side.

16. Lastly click "Submit" at the bottom to save the player to that team.

 I did everything in groups instead of 1 at a time. I also already had our players in a spreadsheet so I was able to upload all of them into phpmysport instead of entering them all 1 at a time. It made things alot faster!

You can add pretty much everything this way! You can import the "Clubs", "Matches" and "Members", etc... You'll notice which data you can import by looking for the "Import" links on each tab. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in the meantime! Pretty much everything else is in the user manual. I suggest reading it thru if you really plan on using this system as an every day tool to manage your league or team.

Thank you and have a great day!