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Version 1.4 (1240 Ko)

PhpMySport is an open source software designed for all sport clubs and leagues which want to easily create and manage their website. Football, soccer, basketball, handball, cricket, volleyball, hockey, polo, etc, it can be adapted to several team sports.

You will be able to manage matchs, seasons, players, team compositions but also post your news, open a discussion forum and lot more !

Developped in PHP/MySQL, phpMySport is part of Content Management Systems (CMS) and allows you to easily manage datas of your website with the help of online administration forms. Different by its sport sides, it still propose all advantages of a CMS: design customization, rich text editor WYSIWYG, user-friendly interface, multi-users management, etc.

In other words, phpMySport proposes a comprehensive website which can be adapted to your sport but also to your club or league colors !

News list

PhpMySport 1.4 released
March 04, 2009

PhpMySport has (finally) been released! User rights, matches importation and menu management are the main new features of this version.

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PhpMySport 1.4 in the works
October 13, 2008

PhpMySport version 1.4 is in preparation and should be available to download in the next few months.

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